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This combiner combines the result of
insights.parsers.saphostctrl.SAPHostCtrlInstances` and
`:class:`insights.parsers.lssap.Lssap` to get the available SAP instances.
Prefer the ``SAPHostCtrlInstances`` to ``Lssap``.


from collections import namedtuple
from insights import SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import combiner
from insights.combiners.hostname import Hostname
from insights.parsers.lssap import Lssap
from insights.parsers.saphostctrl import SAPHostCtrlInstances

SAPInstances = namedtuple("SAPInstances",
        field_names=["name", "hostname", "sid", "type", "number", "fqdn", "version"])
"""namedtuple: Type for storing the SAP instance."""

SMDA   :    Solution Manager Diagnostics Agents
NETW_TYPES = ('D', 'ASCS', 'DVEBMGS', 'J', 'SCS', 'ERS', 'W', 'G', 'JC')
D      :    NetWeaver (ABAP Dialog Instance)
ASCS   :    NetWeaver (ABAP Central Services)
DVEBMGS:    NetWeaver (Primary Application server
J      :    NetWeaver (Java App Server Instance)
SCS    :    NetWeaver (Java Central Services)
ERS    :    NetWeaver (Enqueue Replication Server)
W      :    NetWeaver (WebDispatcher)
G      :    NetWeaver (Gateway)
JC     :    NetWeaver (Java App Server Instance)

[docs]@combiner(Hostname, [SAPHostCtrlInstances, Lssap]) class Sap(dict): """ Combiner for combining the result of :class:`insights.parsers.lssap.Lssap` generated by command ``lssap`` and `insights.parsers.saphostctrl.SAPHostCtrlInstances` generated by command ``saphostctrl``. Prefer ``SAPHostCtrlInstances`` to ``Lssap``. Examples: >>> type(saps) <class ''> >>> 'D16' in saps True >>> saps['D16'].number '16' >>> saps.sid('HDB16') 'HA2' >>> saps.hostname('HDB16') 'lu0417' >>> len(saps.business_instances) 3 >>> saps.is_hana True >>> saps.is_netweaver True >>> saps.is_ascs False Attributes: all_instances (list): List of all the SAP instances listed by the command. function_instances (list): List of functional SAP instances E.g. Diagnostics Agents SMDA97/SMDA98 business_instances (list): List of business SAP instances E.g. HANA, NetWeaver, ASCS, or others local_instances (list): List of all SAP instances running on this host """ """ tuple: Tuple of the prefix string of the functional SAP instances""" def __init__(self, hostname, insts, lssap): hn = hostname.hostname fqdn = hostname.fqdn data = {} self.local_instances = [] self.business_instances = [] self.function_instances = [] self.all_instances = [] self._types = set() if insts: self._types = insts.types self.all_instances = insts.instances for inst in k = inst['InstanceName'] if (hn == inst['Hostname'].split('.')[0] or fqdn == inst['FullQualifiedHostname'] or fqdn == inst['Hostname']): self.local_instances.append(k) data[k] = SAPInstances(k, inst['Hostname'], inst['SID'], inst['InstanceType'], inst['SystemNumber'], inst['FullQualifiedHostname'], inst['SapVersionInfo']) elif lssap: for inst in k = inst['Instance'] t = k.rstrip('1234567890') self.all_instances.append(k) self._types.add(t) self.local_instances.append(k) if hn == inst['SAPLOCALHOST'].split('.')[0] else None data[k] = SAPInstances(k, inst['SAPLOCALHOST'], inst['SID'], t, inst['Nr'], None, inst['Version']) if not data: raise SkipComponent('No SAP instance.') self.update(data) for i in self.all_instances: (self.function_instances if i.startswith(FUNC_TYPES) else self.business_instances).append(i)
[docs] def version(self, instance): """str: Returns the version of the ``instance``.""" return self[instance].version if instance in self else None
[docs] def sid(self, instance): """str: Returns the sid of the ``instance``.""" return self[instance].sid if instance in self else None
[docs] def type(self, instance): """str: Returns the type code of the ``instance``.""" return self[instance].type if instance in self else None
[docs] def hostname(self, instance): """str: Returns the hostname of the ``instance``.""" return self[instance].hostname if instance in self else None
[docs] def number(self, instance): """str: Returns the systeme number of the ``instance``.""" return self[instance].number if instance in self else None
@property def is_netweaver(self): """bool: Is any SAP NetWeaver instance detected?""" return any(_t in self._types for _t in NETW_TYPES) @property def is_hana(self): """bool: Is any SAP HANA instance detected?""" return 'HDB' in self._types @property def is_ascs(self): """bool: Is any ABAP Central Services instance detected?""" return 'ASCS' in self._types @property def data(self): """dict: Dict with the instance name as the key and instance details as the value.""" return self