Source code for insights.parsers.cloud_cfg

CloudCfg - ``/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg``
Module to parser the content of ``/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg`` file.
from insights import YAMLParser, parser
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.cloud_cfg_filtered) class CloudCfg(YAMLParser): """ This parser parses the ``/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg`` file collected via the :mod:`insights.specs.Specs.cloud_cfg_filtered` spec which is the filtered per the :mod:`insights.specs.Specs.cloud_cfg` spec into a dictionary. .. note:: Since this file may contain sensitive information, it should be filtered before the Insights collecting it. The filters will be added via the :mod:`insights.specs.Specs.cloud_cfg` Spec. When the filters is empty, nothing will be parsed. The typical content of this file after filtering is (still in Yaml format):: debug: output: /var/log/cloud-init-debug.log verbose: true network: config: - name: eth0 subnets: - type: dhcp - type: dhcp6 type: physical version: 1 ssh_deletekeys: 1 Attributes: data(dict): Cloud-init network configuration. Examples: >>> from insights.core.filters import add_filter >>> from insights.specs import Specs >>> add_filter(Specs.cloud_cfg, ['network', 'debug', 'ssh_deletekeys']) >>> 'users' not in cloud_cfg True >>> cloud_cfg['network']['version'] == 1 True >>> cloud_cfg['network']['config'] == [{"type": "physical", "name": "eth0", "subnets": [{"type": "dhcp"}, {"type": "dhcp6"}]}] True """ pass