Source code for insights.parsers.fapolicyd_rules

FapolicydRules - file ``/etc/fapolicyd/rules.d/*.rules``

from insights import parser
from insights.core import LogFileOutput
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs]@parser(Specs.fapolicyd_rules) class FapolicydRules(LogFileOutput): """ Parse the content of ``/etc/fapolicyd/rules.d/*.rules`` file. .. note:: The rules do not require to get the parsed result currently. It just need to check if it contains specific lines, so use :class:`insights.core.LogFileOutput` as the base class. Sample input:: deny_audit perm=any pattern=ld_so : all deny_audit perm=any pattern=ld_preload : all Examples: >>> from insights.parsers.fapolicyd_rules import FapolicydRules >>> FapolicydRules.last_scan('ld_so_deny_audit_test', 'deny_audit perm=any pattern=ld_so : all') >>> type(fapolicyd_rules) <class 'insights.parsers.fapolicyd_rules.FapolicydRules'> >>> fapolicyd_rules.ld_so_deny_audit_test.get('raw_message') 'deny_audit perm=any pattern=ld_so : all' """ pass