Source code for insights.parsers.greenboot_status

GreenbootStatus - Command ``/usr/libexec/greenboot/greenboot-status``
from insights import parser
from insights.core import LogFileOutput
from insights.core.filters import add_filter
from insights.specs import Specs

_green = "Boot Status is GREEN"
_red = "Boot Status is RED"
_nologs = "WARNING: No greenboot logs were found!"
add_filter(Specs.greenboot_status, [_green, _red, _fallback, _nologs])

[docs] @parser(Specs.greenboot_status) class GreenbootStatus(LogFileOutput): """ Collect the filtered output of ``/usr/libexec/greenboot/greenboot-status``. The data are lines from the journal log Attributes: red (bool): True if the system is in RED status. green (bool): True if the system is in GREEN status. .. note:: Please refer to the super-class :class:`insights.core.LogFileOutput` """
GreenbootStatus.token_scan("green", _green) GreenbootStatus.token_scan("red", _red) GreenbootStatus.token_scan("fallback", _fallback) GreenbootStatus.token_scan("nologs", _nologs)