Source code for insights.parsers.lpstat

Lpstat - command ``lpstat``

Parsers contains in this module are:

LpstatPrinters - command ``/usr/bin/lpstat -p``

LpstatProtocol - command ``/usr/bin/lpstat -v``

from .. import parser, CommandParser
from insights.specs import Specs
from insights.parsers import SkipException

# Printer states

START_LINE_MARKER = 'printer '

[docs]@parser(Specs.lpstat_p) class LpstatPrinters(CommandParser): """ Class to parse ``lpstat -p`` command output. Parses the output of ``lpstat -p``, to get locally configured printers. Current available printer states are: * IDLE (``PRINTER_STATUS_IDLE``) * PROCESSING (``PRINTER_STATUS_PROCESSING``) -- printing * DISABLED (``PRINTER_STATUS_DISABLED``) * UNKNOWN (``PRINTER_STATUS_UNKNOWN``) Sample output of the command: printer idle_printer is idle. enabled since Fri 20 Jan 2017 09:55:50 PM CET printer disabled_printer disabled since Wed 15 Feb 2017 12:01:11 PM EST - reason unknown Raises: ValueError: Raised if any error occurs parsing the content. Examples: >>> type(lpstat_printers) <class 'insights.parsers.lpstat.LpstatPrinters'> >>> len(lpstat_printers.printers) 3 >>> lpstat_printers.printer_names_by_status('DISABLED') ['disabled_printer'] """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): self.printers = [] """dict: Dictionary of locally configured printers, with keys 'name' and 'status'""" super(LpstatPrinters, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): marker_len = len(START_LINE_MARKER) for line in content: if line.startswith(START_LINE_MARKER): printer_line = line[marker_len:] # cut printer name until next space character printer_name = printer_line[:printer_line.index(' ')] state_line_starts = marker_len + len(printer_name) + 1 # 1 is space state_line = line[state_line_starts:] printer = { 'name': printer_name, 'status': self._parse_status(state_line) } self.printers.append(printer)
def _parse_status(self, state_line): if 'is idle' in state_line: return PRINTER_STATUS_IDLE elif 'printing' in state_line: return PRINTER_STATUS_PROCESSING elif 'disabled' in state_line: return PRINTER_STATUS_DISABLED return PRINTER_STATUS_UNKNOWN
[docs] def printer_names_by_status(self, status): """Gives names of configured printers for a given status Arguments: status (string) """ names = [prntr['name'] for prntr in self.printers if prntr['status'] == status] return names
[docs]@parser(Specs.lpstat_protocol_printers) class LpstatProtocol(CommandParser, dict): """ Class to parse ``lpstat -v`` command output. Sample output of the command:: device for test_printer1: ipp device for test_printer2: ipp device for savtermhpc: implicitclass:savtermhpc device for A1: marshaA1:/tmp/A1 Examples: >>> type(lpstat_protocol) <class 'insights.parsers.lpstat.LpstatProtocol'> >>> lpstat_protocol['test_printer1'] 'ipp' >>> lpstat_protocol['savtermhpc'] 'implicitclass' """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): if not content: raise SkipException("No Valid Output") data = {} for line in content: if line.startswith("device for "): line_split = line.split(":") protocol = line_split[1].strip() printer = line_split[0].split()[-1].strip() data[printer] = protocol if not data: raise SkipException("No Valid Output") self.update(data)