Source code for insights.parsers.lsscsi

LsSCSI - command ``/usr/bin/lsscsi``

This module provides processing for the output of the ``/usr/bin/lsscsi`` command.

from . import ParseException
from .. import parser, CommandParser
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs]@parser(Specs.lsscsi) class LsSCSI(CommandParser): """ This parser reads the output of ``/usr/bin/lsscsi`` into a list of dictionarys. Each item is a dictionary with six keys: * ``HCTL`` - the scsi_host,channel,target_number,LUN tuple * ``Peripheral-Type`` - the SCSI peripheral type * ``Vendor`` - the vendor name * ``Model`` - the model name * ``Revision`` - the revision string * ``Primary-Device-Node`` - the primary device node name Attributes: data (list of dict): List of the input lines, where each line is a dictionary having the keys identified above. Parsing refers to Sample input:: [1:0:0:0] storage IET Controller 0001 - [1:0:0:1] cd/dvd QEMU QEMU DVD-ROM 2.5+ /dev/sr0 [1:0:0:2] disk IET VIRTUAL-DISK 0001 /dev/sdb [3:0:5:0] tape HP C5713A H910 /dev/st0 Examples: >>> lsscsi[0] == {'Model': 'Controller', 'Vendor': 'IET', 'HCTL': '[1:0:0:0]', 'Peripheral-Type': 'storage', 'Primary-Device-Node': '-', 'Revision': '0001'} True >>> lsscsi.device_nodes ['-', '/dev/sr0', '/dev/sdb', '/dev/st0'] >>> len( 4 >>> lsscsi[1]['Peripheral-Type'] 'cd/dvd' """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): if len(content) == 0: raise ParseException("Empty content of command output.") LSSCSI_TABLE_HEADER_ITEMS = ['HCTL', 'Peripheral-Type', 'Vendor', 'Model', 'Revision', 'Primary-Device-Node'] LEN = len(LSSCSI_TABLE_HEADER_ITEMS) col_index = [] pre_col_index = [] # Try to find the index of a proper six column line. # If col_index can't be found in the above proper way, # set it by squeezing redundant items to 'Model' column as a workaround. for l in content: col_split = l.strip().split() if len(col_split) < LEN: break elif len(col_split) == LEN: col_index = [l.index(c) for c in col_split] break elif not pre_col_index and len(col_split) > LEN: unfixed_index = [l.index(c) for c in col_split] forth_str = l.split(col_split[2], 1)[-1].strip() pre_col_index = unfixed_index[:3] + [l.index(forth_str)] + unfixed_index[-2:] if not col_index and pre_col_index: col_index = pre_col_index if len(col_index) != LEN: raise ParseException("Invalid format of content, unparsable.") = [] for line in content: col_data = dict((LSSCSI_TABLE_HEADER_ITEMS[i], line[col_index[i]:col_index[i + 1]].strip()) for i in range(LEN - 1)) col_data[LSSCSI_TABLE_HEADER_ITEMS[-1]] = line[col_index[-1]:].strip()
def __getitem__(self, idx): return[idx] @property def device_nodes(self): """ list: All lines' Primary-Device-Node values. """ return [v['Primary-Device-Node'] for v in] @property def device_vendors(self): """ list: All lines' Vendor values """ return [v['Vendor'] for v in]