Source code for insights.parsers.nss_rhel7

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
NssRhel7 - file ``/etc/pki/nss-legacy/nss-rhel7.config``

from insights import parser, SysconfigOptions
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.nss_rhel7) class NssRhel7(SysconfigOptions): """ This parser reads the ``/etc/pki/nss-legacy/nss-rhel7.config`` file. It uses the ``SysconfigOptions`` parser class to convert the file into a dictionary of options. It also provides the ``config`` property as a helper to retrieve the ``config`` variable. Attributes: config (union[str, None]): The value of the ``config`` variable if it exists, else None. Sample Input:: # To re-enable legacy algorithms, edit this file # Note that the last empty line in this file must be preserved library= name=Policy NSS=flags=policyOnly,moduleDB config="disallow=MD5:RC4 allow=DH-MIN=1023:DSA-MIN=1023:RSA-MIN=1023:TLS-VERSION-MIN=tls1.0" Examples: >>> 'config' in nss_rhel7 True >>> nss_rhel7.config 'disallow=MD5:RC4 allow=DH-MIN=1023:DSA-MIN=1023:RSA-MIN=1023:TLS-VERSION-MIN=tls1.0' """ @property def config(self): return"config", None)