Source code for insights.parsers.numeric_user_group_name

NumericUserGroupName - command ``/usr/bin/grep -c '^[[:digit:]]' /etc/passwd /etc/group``

This parser reads the output of ``/usr/bin/grep -c '^[[:digit:]]' /etc/passwd /etc/group``
and detects whether there are any user or group names that begin with a digit.

The grep command returns the number of matches for each file. It matches for user and
group names that begin with a number.

The answers are available through attributes - boolean ``has_numeric_user_group`` and
numeric ``nr_numeric_user`` and ``nr_numeric_group``.

Names starting with a digit can be handled incorrectly by some software. Purely numeric
user names can be handled incorrectly by some software and requires special care when
used with utilities that accept both user/group IDs and names (like chown, chmod). In
case such names exist on the system, it is advisable to review whether the used software
(namely 3rd party software and shell scripts) handles the names correctly.

Sample input::



    >>> shared[NumericUserGroupName].has_numeric_user_or_group
    >>> shared[NumericUserGroupName].nr_numeric_user
    >>> shared[NumericUserGroupName].nr_numeric_group

from .. import parser, CommandParser
from . import ParseException
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs]@parser(Specs.numeric_user_group_name) class NumericUserGroupName(CommandParser): """ Reports whether there is a user or group with a name that starts with a digit. """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): self.nr_numeric_user = None self.nr_numeric_group = None for line in content: line_split = line.split(":") if len(line_split) != 2: continue try: n = int(line_split[1]) except ValueError: continue if '/etc/passwd' == line_split[0]: self.nr_numeric_user = n if '/etc/group' == line_split[0]: self.nr_numeric_group = n # The grep command should report on both files unless a file is missing or something is very # wrong. if None is self.nr_numeric_user or None is self.nr_numeric_group: raise ParseException("Unexpected grep output or grep not found.") self.has_numeric_user_or_group = bool(self.nr_numeric_user or self.nr_numeric_group)