Source code for insights.parsers.ovs_vsctl_list_bridge

OVSvsctlListBridge - command ``/usr/bin/ovs-vsctl list bridge``

This module provides class ``OVSvsctlListBridge`` for parsing the
output of command ``ovs-vsctl list bridge``.

.. note::
    Please refer to its super-class :class:`insights.parsers.ovs_vsctl_list.OVSvsctlList`
    for more details.

.. warning::
    This parser `OVSvsctlListBridge` is deprecated, please use
    :py:class:`insights.ovs_vsctl.OVSvsctlListBridge` instead.

from insights import parser
from insights.parsers.ovs_vsctl import OVSvsctlList
from insights.specs import Specs
from insights.util import deprecated

[docs]@parser(Specs.ovs_vsctl_list_bridge) class OVSvsctlListBridge(OVSvsctlList): """ .. warning:: This parser `OVSvsctlListBridge` is deprecated, please use :py:class:`insights.ovs_vsctl.OVSvsctlListBridge` instead. Class to parse output of command ``ovs-vsctl list bridge``. Generally, the data is in key:value format with values having data types as string, numbers, list or dictionary. The class provides attribute ``data`` as list with lines parsed line by line based on keys for each bridge. Sample command output:: name : br-int other_config : {disable-in-band="true", mac-table-size="2048"} name : br-tun other_config : {} Examples: >>> bridge_lists[0]["name"] 'br-int' >>> bridge_lists[0]["other_config"]["mac-table-size"] '2048' >>> bridge_lists[0]["other_config"]["disable-in-band"] 'true' >>> bridge_lists[1].get("name") 'br-tun' >>> len(bridge_lists[1]["other_config"]) == 0 True Attributes: data (list): A list containing dictionary elements where each element contains the details of a bridge. Raises: SkipComponent: When file is empty. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): deprecated( OVSvsctlListBridge, "Please use the :class:`insights.ovs_vsctl.OVSvsctlListBridge` instead.", "3.3.0" ) super(OVSvsctlListBridge, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)