Source code for insights.parsers.pmlog_summary

PmLogSummary - Command ``pmlogsummary``

from insights import parser, CommandParser
from insights.parsers import SkipComponent
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs]def parse(data): """ Parse a set of key/value pairs into a heirarchical dictionary of typed values Arguments: data (dict): Input dictionary of key/value pairs Returns: dict: Heirarchical dictionary with keys separated at "." and type conversion of the numerical values """ result = {} def typed(x): try: return float(x) except Exception: return x def insert(k, v): cur = result key_parts = k.split(".") # walk down the structure to the correct leaf for part in key_parts: if part not in cur: cur[part] = {} cur = cur[part] # break the value apart and store it l, r = v.split(None, 1) cur["val"] = typed(l) cur["units"] = r.strip() def kvs(): # deal with whitespace and high level splitting for line in data: line = line.strip() if line: yield line.split(None, 1) for k, v in kvs(): insert(k, v) return result
[docs]@parser(Specs.pmlog_summary) class PmLogSummary(CommandParser, dict): """ Parser to parse the output of the ``pmlogsummary`` command Sample output of the command is:: mem.util.used 3133919.812 Kbyte mem.physmem 3997600.000 Kbyte kernel.all.cpu.user 0.003 none kernel.all.cpu.sys 0.004 none kernel.all.cpu.nice 0.000 none kernel.all.cpu.steal 0.000 none kernel.all.cpu.idle 3.986 none 0.252 count / sec Output is parsed and stored as a dictionary. Each value is stored as a dict in the form ``{'val': number or string, 'units': string}``. Keys are a hierarchy of the input key value split on the "." character. For instance input line "mem.util.used 3133919.812 Kbyte" is parsed as:: { 'mem': { 'util': { 'used': { 'val': 3133919.812, 'units': 'Kbyte' } } } } Example: >>> type(pmlog_summary) <class 'insights.parsers.pmlog_summary.PmLogSummary'> >>> 'mem' in pmlog_summary True >>> pmlog_summary['disk']['all']['total'] == {'val': 0.252, 'units': 'count / sec'} True """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): data = parse(content) if len(data) == 0: raise SkipComponent() self.update(data)