Source code for insights.parsers.qpidd_conf

QpiddConfig - file ``/etc/qpid/qpidd.conf``
from insights.specs import Specs

from . import split_kv_pairs
from .. import LegacyItemAccess, Parser, get_active_lines, parser

[docs] @parser(Specs.qpidd_conf) class QpiddConf(Parser, LegacyItemAccess): """ Parse the qpidd configuration file. Produces a simple dictionary of keys and values from the configuration file contents , stored in the ``data`` attribute. The object also functions as a dictionary itself thanks to the :py:class:`insights.core.LegacyItemAccess` mixin class. Sample configuration file:: # Configuration file for qpidd. Entries are of the form: # name=value # # (Note: no spaces on either side of '='). Using default settings: # "qpidd --help" or "man qpidd" for more details. #cluster-mechanism=ANONYMOUS log-enable=error+ log-to-syslog=yes auth=no require-encryption=yes ssl-require-client-authentication=yes ssl-port=5672 ssl-cert-db=/etc/pki/katello/nssdb ssl-cert-password-file=/etc/pki/katello/nssdb/nss_db_password-file ssl-cert-name=broker interface=lo Examples: >>> qpidd_conf['auth'] 'no' >>> 'require-encryption' in qpidd_conf True """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): = split_kv_pairs(get_active_lines(content))