Source code for insights.specs.datasources.container

Basic datasources for container specs
from insights.core.context import HostContext
from insights.core.exceptions import SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import datasource
from insights.parsers.docker_list import DockerListContainers
from insights.parsers.podman_list import PodmanListContainers
from insights.specs.datasources import DEFAULT_SHELL_TIMEOUT

[docs] @datasource([PodmanListContainers, DockerListContainers], HostContext, timeout=240) def running_rhel_containers(broker): """ Returns a list of tuple of (image, <podman|docker>, container_id) of the running containers. From RHEL 8, the "docker" command is from the package "podman-docker". In general when using command "docker" to access a container, the following message will be reported on the top:: Emulate Docker CLI using podman. Create /etc/containers/nodocker to quiet msg. But sometimes, this line won't be outputted as expected, in this case, it's necessary to remove the duplicated containers from the output of "docker". """ def _is_rhel_image(ctx, c_info): """Only collect the containers based from RHEL images""" try: ret = ctx.shell_out("/usr/bin/%s exec %s cat /etc/redhat-release" % c_info, timeout=DEFAULT_SHELL_TIMEOUT) if ret and len(ret) == 1 and "red hat enterprise linux" in ret[0].lower(): return True except Exception: # return False when there is no such file "/etc/redhat-releas" pass return False cs = [] podman_container = set() if (PodmanListContainers in broker): podman_c = broker[PodmanListContainers] for name in podman_c.running_containers: container_id = podman_c.containers[name]['CONTAINER ID'] podman_container.add(container_id) c_info = ('podman', container_id[:12]) if not _is_rhel_image(broker[HostContext], c_info): # skip containers from non-rhel image continue cs.append((podman_c.containers[name]['IMAGE'],) + c_info) if (DockerListContainers in broker): docker_c = broker[DockerListContainers] for name in docker_c.running_containers: container_id = docker_c.containers[name]['CONTAINER ID'] c_info = ('docker', container_id[:12]) if (container_id in podman_container or not _is_rhel_image(broker[HostContext], c_info)): # skip containers from non-rhel image and # skip duplicated containers managed by "podman" continue cs.append((docker_c.containers[name]['IMAGE'],) + c_info) if cs: # Return list of tuple: # - (image, <podman|docker>, container_id) return cs raise SkipComponent