Source code for insights.specs.datasources.rsyslog_confs

Custom datasource to get the list of the rsyslog errorfile paths.

from insights.core.context import HostContext
from insights.core.plugins import datasource
from insights.combiners.rsyslog_confs import RsyslogAllConf
from insights.core.exceptions import SkipComponent

[docs] @datasource(RsyslogAllConf, HostContext) def rsyslog_errorfile(broker): """ This datasource provides the list of the rsyslog errorfile paths. Sample data returned:: '/var/log/omelasticsearch.log /var/log/oversized.log' Returns: string: string of the errorfile paths that separated by a whitespace. Raises: SkipComponent: When 'errorfile' is not configured. """ rsyslog_confs = broker[RsyslogAllConf] if rsyslog_confs: result_list = [] for conf_path in rsyslog_confs: for line in rsyslog_confs[conf_path]: if 'errorfile' in line and 'action' in line: paths = line.split('errorfile') for i in range(1, len(paths)): errorfile_path = paths[i].split('"')[1] result_list.append(errorfile_path) if result_list: return ' '.join(result_list) raise SkipComponent