PackageProvidesHttpdAll - Combiner for packages which provide httpd


This module is deprecated, please use insights.parsers.package_provides instead.

Combiner for collecting all the running httpd command and the corresponding RPM package name which is parsed by the PackageProvidesHttpd parser.

class insights.combiners.package_provides_httpd.PackageProvidesHttpdAll(package_provides_httpd)[source]

Bases: LegacyItemAccess


This Combiner is deprecated, please use insights.parsers.package_provides.PackageProvidesCommand Parsers instead.

This combiner will receive a list of parsers named PackageProvidesHttpd, one for each running instance of httpd and each parser instance will contain the command information and the RPM package information. It works as a dict with the httpd command information as the key and the corresponding RPM package information as the value.


>>> sorted(packages.running_httpds)
['/opt/rh/httpd24/root/usr/sbin/httpd', '/usr/sbin/httpd']
>>> packages.get_package("/usr/sbin/httpd")
>>> packages.get("/opt/rh/httpd24/root/usr/sbin/httpd")
>>> packages["/usr/sbin/httpd"]

Returns the installed httpd package that provides the specified httpd_command.


httpd_command (str) -- The specified httpd command, e.g. found in ps command.


The package that provides the httpd command.

Return type


property packages

Returns the list of corresponding httpd RPM packages which are running on the system.

property running_httpds

Returns the list of httpd commands which are running on the system.