Source code for insights.combiners.ipcs_shared_memory

IPCS Shared Memory Segments

Combiner for parsing shared memory segments gotten from command ``ipcs``. It
uses the results of the ``IpcsM`` and ``IpcsMP`` parsers to get the size of the
shared memory of special ``PID``.

from insights.core import LegacyItemAccess
from insights.core.exceptions import ParseException
from insights.core.plugins import combiner
from insights.parsers.ipcs import IpcsM, IpcsMP

[docs] @combiner(IpcsM, IpcsMP) class IpcsSharedMemory(LegacyItemAccess): """ Class for parsing shared memory segments outputted by commands ``ipcs -m`` and ``ipcs -m -p``. Typical output of command ``ipcs -m`` is:: ------ Shared Memory Segments -------- key shmid owner perms bytes nattch status 0x0052e2c1 0 postgres 600 37879808 26 0x0052e2c2 1 postgres 600 41222144 24 Typical output of command ``ipcs -m -p`` is:: ------ Shared Memory Creator/Last-op -------- shmid owner cpid lpid 0 postgres 1833 23566 1 postgres 1105 9882 Examples: >>> type(ism) <class 'insights.combiners.ipcs_shared_memory.IpcsSharedMemory'> >>> ism.get_shm_size_of_pid('1105') 41222144 """ def __init__(self, shm, shmp): if != raise ParseException("The output of 'ipcs -m' doesn't match with 'ipcs -m -p'.") = {} for s, v in[s] = v.copy()[s].update(shmp[s])
[docs] def get_shm_size_of_pid(self, pid): """ Return the shared memory size of specified ``pid``. Returns: (int): size of the shared memory, 0 by default. """ for _, v in if v['cpid'] == pid: return int(v['bytes']) return 0