Source code for insights.combiners.nmcli_dev_show

nmcli_dev_show command
As there are three different file paths in different sos packages,
create this combiner to fix this issue.

from insights.core.plugins import combiner
from insights.parsers.nmcli import NmcliDevShow, NmcliDevShowSos, SkipException

[docs]@combiner([NmcliDevShow, NmcliDevShowSos]) class AllNmcliDevShow(dict): """ Combiner to combine return values from parser NmcliDevShow into one dict Examples: >>> allnmclidevshow['eth0']['TYPE'] 'ethernet' >>> allnmclidevshow.connected_devices ['eth0'] """ def __init__(self, nmclidevshow, nmclidevshowsos): data = {} self._con_dev = [] if nmclidevshow: data.update(nmclidevshow) self._con_dev = nmclidevshow.connected_devices elif nmclidevshowsos: for item in nmclidevshowsos: data.update(item) self._con_dev.extend(item.connected_devices) if not data: raise SkipException() super(AllNmcliDevShow, self).__init__() self.update(data) @property def connected_devices(self): """(list): The list of devices who's state is connected and managed by NetworkManager""" return self._con_dev @property def data(self): """(dict): Dict with the device name as the key and NmcliDevShow details as the value.""" return self