Source code for insights.combiners.tmpfilesd

Tmpfilesd configuration

The tmpfilesd files are normally available to rules as a list of TmpFilesd
objects. This combiner turns those into one set of data, and provides a
``find_file()`` method to search for that filename among all the files.

from insights.core.plugins import combiner
from insights.parsers.tmpfilesd import TmpFilesD

[docs] @combiner(TmpFilesD) class AllTmpFiles(object): """ Combiner for accessing all the tmpfilesd configuration files. Configuration files can be found in three directories: ``/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d``, ``/run/tmpfiles.d``, and ``/etc/tmpfiles.d``. Each directory overrides the settings in the previous directory. This combiner checks for and accounts for this behavior. Attributes: files(set): the set of files found in all data files. active_rules(dict): a dictionary of rules using the config file as the key file_paths(list): a list of the file paths for the configurations. """ def __init__(self, tmpfiles): active_rules = {} files = set([]) file_paths = [] # Files must be sorted so that /etc/tmpfiles.d overrides /run/tmpfiles.d # which overides /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d. for tmpfile in sorted(tmpfiles, key=lambda f: f.file_path): file_paths.append(tmpfile.file_path) if not active_rules.get(tmpfile.file_path): active_rules[tmpfile.file_path] = [] for new_rule in tmpfile.rules: _file = (new_rule['path']) if _file not in files: files.add(_file) active_rules[tmpfile.file_path].append(new_rule) self.active_rules = active_rules self.files = files self.file_paths = file_paths super(AllTmpFiles, self).__init__()
[docs] def find_file(self, path): """ Find all the rules matching a given file. Uses the rules dictionary to search so duplicate files are alreayd removed. Examples: >>> data = shared[AllTmpFiles] >>> results = data.find_file('/tmp/sap.conf') >>> len(results) 1 >>> results {'/etc/tmpfiles.d/sap.conf': {'path': '/tmp/sap.conf', 'mode': '644', 'type': 'x', 'age': None, 'gid': None, 'uid': None, 'argument': None}} Parameters: path(str): path to be searched for among the rules. Returns: (dict): a dictionary of rules where the path is found using the config file path as the key. """ match = {} for r, d in self.active_rules.items(): for i in self.active_rules[r]: if i['path'] == path: match[r] = i return match