Source code for insights.parsers.azure_instance_plan


This parser reads the output of a command
``curl -s -H Metadata:true``,
which is used to check whether the instance is a marketplace image.

For more details, See:

import json

from insights.core import CommandParser
from insights.core.exceptions import ParseException, SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import parser
from insights.specs import Specs
from insights.util import deprecated

[docs]@parser(Specs.azure_instance_plan) class AzureInstancePlan(CommandParser): """ .. warning:: This parser is deprecated, please use :py:class:`insights.parsers.azure_instance.AzureInstancePlan` instead. Class for parsing the Azure Instance Plan returned by command ``curl -s -H Metadata:true``, Typical Output of this command is:: { "name": "planName", "product": "planProduct", "publisher": "planPublisher" }, Raises: SkipComponent: When content is empty or no parse-able content. Attributes: name (str): The name of the plan for the VM Instance in Azure, e.g: rhel7 product (str): The product of the plan for the VM Instance in Azure, e.g: RHEL publisher (str): The publisher of the plan for the VM Instance in Azure, e.g: Red hat raw (str): The full JSON of the plan returned by the ``curl`` command Examples: >>> == 'planName' True >>> azure_plan.product == 'planProduct' True >>> azure_plan.publisher == 'planPublisher' True """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): deprecated(AzureInstancePlan, "Import AzureInstancePlan from insights.parsers.azure_instance instead.", "3.3.0") super(AzureInstancePlan, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): if not content or 'curl: ' in content[0]: raise SkipComponent() try: plan = json.loads(content[0]) except: raise ParseException("Unable to parse JSON") self.raw = content[0] = plan["name"] if plan["name"] != "" else None self.product = plan["product"] if plan["product"] != "" else None self.publisher = plan["publisher"] if plan["publisher"] != "" else None
def __repr__(self): return "<azure_plan_name: {n}, product: {pr}, publisher: {pu}, raw: {r}".format(, pr=self.product, pu=self.publisher, r=self.raw )