Source code for insights.parsers.httpd_open_nfs

HttpdOnNFSFilesCount - datasource `httpd_on_nfs`
Shared parsers for parsing output of the datasource `httpd_on_nfs`.

from insights import parser, JSONParser
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.httpd_on_nfs) class HttpdOnNFSFilesCount(JSONParser): """ This class provides processing for the output of the datasource of `httpd_on_nfs` The content collected by insights-client:: {"http_ids": [1787,2399], "nfs_mounts": ["/data", "/www"], "open_nfs_files": 1000} Examples: >>> httpon_nfs.http_ids == [1787,2399] True >>> httpon_nfs.nfs_mounts == ["/data", "/www"] True >>> httpon_nfs.open_nfs_files == 1000 True Attributes: data (dict): dict with keys "http_ids", "nfs_mounts" and "open_nfs_files" http_ids (list): contains all httpd process ids nfs_mounts (list): contains all nfs v4 mount points open_nfs_files (number): counting number of all httpd open files on nfs v4 mount points """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): super(HttpdOnNFSFilesCount, self).parse_content(content) self.http_ids ="http_ids") self.nfs_mounts ="nfs_mounts") self.open_nfs_files ="open_nfs_files")