Source code for insights.parsers.journal_since_boot

JournalSinceBoot file ``/sos_commands/logs/journalctl_--no-pager_--boot``

from .. import Syslog, parser
from insights.specs import Specs
from insights.util import deprecated

[docs]@parser(Specs.journal_since_boot) class JournalSinceBoot(Syslog): """ .. warning:: This parser is deprecated, please use :py:class:`insights.parsers.journalctl.JournalSinceBoot` instead. Read the ``/sos_commands/logs/journalctl_--no-pager_--boot`` file. Uses the ``Syslog`` class parser functionality - see the base class for more details. Sample log lines:: -- Logs begin at Wed 2017-02-08 15:18:00 CET, end at Tue 2017-09-19 09:25:27 CEST. -- May 18 15:13:34 lxc-rhel68-sat56 jabberd/sm[11057]: session started: May 18 15:13:36 lxc-rhel68-sat56 wrapper[11375]: --> Wrapper Started as Daemon May 18 15:13:36 lxc-rhel68-sat56 wrapper[11375]: Launching a JVM... May 18 15:24:28 lxc-rhel68-sat56 yum[11597]: Installed: lynx-2.8.6-27.el6.x86_64 May 18 15:36:19 lxc-rhel68-sat56 yum[11954]: Updated: sos-3.2-40.el6.noarch Note: Because journal timestamps by default have no year, the year of the logs will be inferred from the year in your timestamp. This will also work around December/January crossovers. Examples: >>> JournalSinceBoot.filters.append('wrapper') >>> JournalSinceBoot.token_scan('daemon_start', 'Wrapper Started as Daemon') >>> msgs = shared[JournalSinceBoot] >>> len(msgs.lines) >>> wrapper_msgs = msgs.get('wrapper') # Can only rely on lines filtered being present >>> wrapper_msgs[0] {'timestamp': 'May 18 15:13:36', 'hostname': 'lxc-rhel68-sat56', 'procname': wrapper[11375]', 'message': '--> Wrapper Started as Daemon', 'raw_message': 'May 18 15:13:36 lxc-rhel68-sat56 wrapper[11375]: --> Wrapper Started as Daemon' } >>> msgs.daemon_start # Token set if matching lines present in logs True """ def __init__(self, context): deprecated( JournalSinceBoot, "Please use the :class:`insights.parsers.journalctl.JournalSinceBoot` instead.", "3.1.25" ) super(JournalSinceBoot, self).__init__(context) pass