Source code for insights.parsers.nmcli

Nmcli parsers

This file will parse the output of command line tools used to manage

Parsers provided by this module include:

NmcliDevShow - command ``/usr/bin/nmcli dev show``
NmcliConnShow - command ``/usr/bin/nmcli conn show``
import re

from insights.core import CommandParser
from insights.core.exceptions import SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import parser
from insights.parsers import get_active_lines, parse_fixed_table
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs]@parser(Specs.nmcli_dev_show) class NmcliDevShow(CommandParser, dict): """ .. warning:: This parser may be for a single device, please use :py:class:`insights.combiners.nmcli.AllNmcliDevShow` instead for all the devices. This class will parse the output of command ``nmcli dev show``, and the information will be stored in dictionary format. NetworkManager displays all the devices and their current states along with network configuration and connection status. This parser works like a python dictionary, all parsed data can be accessed via the ``dict`` interfaces. Sample input for ``/usr/bin/nmcli dev show``:: GENERAL.DEVICE: em3 GENERAL.TYPE: ethernet GENERAL.HWADDR: B8:AA:BB:DE:F8:B9 GENERAL.MTU: 1500 GENERAL.STATE: 100 (connected) GENERAL.CONNECTION: em3 GENERAL.CON-PATH: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/1 WIRED-PROPERTIES.CARRIER: on IP4.ADDRESS[1]: IP4.GATEWAY: IP4.DNS[1]: IP4.DNS[2]: IP4.DNS[3]: IP4.DOMAIN[1]: IP6.ADDRESS[1]: 2620:52:0:10bb:ba2a:72ff:fede:f8b9/64 IP6.ADDRESS[2]: fe80::ba2a:72ff:fede:f8b9/64 IP6.GATEWAY: fe80:52:0:10bb::fc IP6.ROUTE[1]: dst = 2620:52:0:10bb::/64, nh = ::, mt = 100 GENERAL.DEVICE: em1 GENERAL.TYPE: ethernet GENERAL.HWADDR: B8:AA:BB:DE:F8:BB GENERAL.MTU: 1500 GENERAL.STATE: 30 (disconnected) GENERAL.CONNECTION: -- GENERAL.CON-PATH: -- WIRED-PROPERTIES.CARRIER: off GENERAL.DEVICE: em2 GENERAL.TYPE: ethernet GENERAL.HWADDR: B8:AA:BB:DE:F8:BC GENERAL.MTU: 1500 GENERAL.STATE: 30 (disconnected) GENERAL.CONNECTION: -- GENERAL.CON-PATH: -- WIRED-PROPERTIES.CARRIER: off Examples: >>> type(nmcli_obj) <class 'insights.parsers.nmcli.NmcliDevShow'> >>> nmcli_obj['em3']['STATE'] 'connected' >>> nmcli_obj.get('em2')['HWADDR'] 'B8:AA:BB:DE:F8:BC' >>> sorted(nmcli_obj.connected_devices) ['em1', 'em2', 'em3'] """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): if not content: raise SkipComponent() data = {} per_device = {} current_dev = "" for line in get_active_lines(content): if (not ("not found" in line or "Error" in line or "No such file" in line or "Warning" in line)): if len(line.split(": ")) >= 2: key, val = line.split(": ") if "IP" in key: proto = re.sub(r'\[|\]', r'', key.split('.')[1]) key = key.split('.')[0] + "_" + proto else: key = key.split('.')[1] val = re.sub(r'\d+\s|\(|\)', r'', val.strip()) # Device configuration details starts here if key == "DEVICE" and not current_dev: current_dev = val continue elif key == "DEVICE" and current_dev: data[current_dev] = per_device current_dev = val per_device = {} continue per_device.update({key: val}) if current_dev and per_device: # Last device configuration details data[current_dev] = per_device if not data: raise SkipComponent() self.update(data) self._con_dev = [k for k, v in data.items() if 'STATE' in v and v['STATE'] == 'connected']
@property def connected_devices(self): """(list): The list of devices who's state is connected and managed by NetworkManager""" return self._con_dev @property def data(self): """(dict): Dict with the device name as the key and device details as the value.""" return self
[docs]@parser(Specs.nmcli_dev_show_sos) class NmcliDevShowSos(NmcliDevShow): """ .. warning:: This parser may be for a single device, please use :py:class:`insights.combiners.nmcli.AllNmcliDevShow` instead for all the devices. In some versions of sosreport, the ``nmcli dev show`` command is separated to individual files for different devices. While in some versions, it's still a whole file. The base class :py:class:`NmcliDevShow` could handle both of them, except that the parsing results is stored into a list for separated files. """ pass
[docs]@parser(Specs.nmcli_conn_show) class NmcliConnShow(CommandParser): """ This file will parse the output of all the nmcli connections. Sample configuration from a teamed interface in file ``/usr/bin/nmcli conn show``:: NAME UUID TYPE DEVICE enp0s3 320d4923-c410-4b22-b7e9-afc5f794eecc ethernet enp0s3 virbr0 7c7dec66-4a8c-4b49-834a-889194b3b83c bridge virbr0 test-net f858b1cc-d149-4de0-93bc-b1826256847a ethernet -- Examples: >>> type(static_conn) <class 'insights.parsers.nmcli.NmcliConnShow'> >>> static_conn.disconnected_connection ['test-net-1'] Attributes: data (list): list of connections wrapped in dictionaries """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): try: = parse_fixed_table(content, heading_ignore=["NAME", "UUID", "TYPE", "DEVICE"]) except: raise SkipComponent("Invalid Contents!") self._disconnected_connection = [] for all_connection in if all_connection['DEVICE'] == "--": self._disconnected_connection.append(all_connection['NAME'])
@property def disconnected_connection(self): """(list): It will return all the disconnected static route connections.""" return self._disconnected_connection