Source code for insights.parsers.pmrep

Pmrep - command ``pmrep -t 1s -T 1s <metrics> -o csv``

Parse the content of the ``pmrep -t 1s -T 1s network.interface.out.packets network.interface.collisions swap.pagesout mssql.memory_manager.stolen_server_memory mssql.memory_manager.total_server_memory -o csv`` command.

Sample ``pmrep -t 1s -T 1s network.interface.out.packets network.interface.collisions swap.pagesout -o csv`` command output::

    2021-04-26 05:42:24,,,,,
    2021-04-26 05:42:25,1.000,2.000,3.000,4.000,5.000

    >>> type(pmrep_doc_obj)
    <class 'insights.parsers.pmrep.PMREPMetrics'>
    >>> pmrep_doc_obj = sorted(pmrep_doc_obj, key=lambda x: x['name'])
    >>> pmrep_doc_obj[3]
    {'name': 'network.interface.collisions-eth0', 'value': '4.000'}
    >>> pmrep_doc_obj[6]
    {'name': 'network.interface.out.packets-lo', 'value': '1.000'}
    >>> pmrep_doc_obj[7]
    {'name': 'swap.pagesout', 'value': '5.000'}
from csv import DictReader

from insights.core import CommandParser
from insights.core.exceptions import ParseException, SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import parser
from insights.parsers import keyword_search
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.pmrep_metrics) class PMREPMetrics(CommandParser, list): """Parses output of ``pmrep -t 1s -T 1s <metrics> -o csv`` command."""
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): if not content or len(content) == 1: raise SkipComponent("There is no data in the table") try: reader = DictReader(content) except Exception: raise ParseException("The content isn't in csv format") for k, v in dict(list(reader)[-1]).items(): self.append(dict(name=k, value=v))
[docs] def search(self, **kwargs): """ Get the rows by searching the table with kwargs. This uses the :py:func:`insights.parsers.keyword_search` function for searching; see its documentation for usage details. If no search parameters are given, no rows are returned. Returns: list: A list of dictionaries of rows that match the given search criteria. Examples: >>> sorted('lo'), key=lambda x: x['name']) [{'name': 'network.interface.collisions-lo', 'value': '3.000'}, {'name': 'network.interface.out.packets-lo', 'value': '1.000'}] >>> sorted('swap.pagesout'), key=lambda x: x['name']) [{'name': 'swap.pagesout', 'value': '5.000'}] """ return keyword_search(self, **kwargs)