Source code for insights.parsers.sap_hdb_version

HDBVersion - Commands

Shared parser for parsing output of the ``sudo -iu <SID>adm HDB version``

from insights.core import CommandParser
from insights.core.exceptions import SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import parser
from insights.specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.sap_hdb_version) class HDBVersion(CommandParser, dict): """ Class for parsing the output of `HDB version` command. Typical output of the command is:: # sudo -iu sr1adm HDB version HDB version info: version: branch: hanaws machine config: linuxx86_64 git hash: bb2ff6b25b8eab5ab382c170a43dc95ae6ce298f git merge time: 2018-03-28 06:14:19 weekstone: 2018.13.0 cloud edition: 0000.00.00 compile date: 2018-03-28 06:19:13 compile host: ld2221 compile type: rel Attributes: version (str): the raw HDB version major (str): the major version minor (str): the minor version revision (str): the SAP HANA SPS revision number patchlevel (str): the patchlevel number of this revision sid (str): the SID of this SAP HANA Examples: >>> type(hdb_ver) <class 'insights.parsers.sap_hdb_version.HDBVersion'> >>> hdb_ver.sid 'sr1' >>> hdb_ver.version '' >>> hdb_ver.major '2' >>> hdb_ver.minor '00' >>> hdb_ver.revision '030' >>> hdb_ver.patchlevel '00' >>> hdb_ver['machine config'] 'linuxx86_64' """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): _ignore_bad_lines = [ 'HDB: Command not found', 'standard error', 'does not exist', ] if len(content) <= 1: raise SkipComponent("Incorrect content.") data = {} self.sid = self.version = self.revision = None self.major = self.minor = self.patchlevel = None # get the "sid" from the file_name: "sudo_-iu_<sid>adm_HDB_version" if self.file_name and 'adm' in self.file_name: self.sid = [i for i in self.file_name.split('_') if i.endswith('adm')][0][:-3] for line in content: # Skip unexpected lines if ':' not in line or any(i in line for i in _ignore_bad_lines): continue key, val = [i.strip() for i in line.split(':', 1)] data[key] = val if key == 'version': self.version = val val_splits = val.split('.') if len(val_splits) != 5: raise SkipComponent("Incorrect HDB version: {0}.".format(val)) self.major = val_splits[0] self.minor = val_splits[1] self.revision = val_splits[2] self.patchlevel = val_splits[3] if not self.version: raise SkipComponent("Incorrect content.") self.update(data)
@property def data(self): return self