Source code for insights.parsers.tmpfilesd

Tmpfiles.d configuration - files  in ``/etc/tmpfiles.d``

The ``TmpfilesD`` class parser provides a 'rules' list, as well as a
``find_file`` method to find rules for a particular tmp file.

from .. import Parser, parser, get_active_lines
from ..specs import Specs

[docs] @parser(Specs.tmpfilesd) class TmpFilesD(Parser): """ Parse files in /etc/tmpfiles.d, /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/, and /run/tmpfiles.d. This parser reads the files and records the filename in each line. Attributes: files(list): A list of the files that tmpfiles.d is managing. rules(list): A list of dictionaries with the values of each rule. Sample input:: # /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/dnf.conf r! /var/cache/dnf/*/*/ e /var/cache/dnf/ - - - 30d Examples: >>> tmpfiles = shared[TmpFilesd][0] # List is per filename >>> len(tmpfiles.rules) 2 >>> tmpfiles.files ['/var/cache/dnf/*/*/', '/var/cache/dnf/'] >>> tmpfiles.rules[1] {'path': '/var/cache/dnf/', 'type': 'e', 'mode': '-', 'age': '30d', 'gid': '-', 'uid': '-', 'argument': None} >>> tmpfiles.find_file('') [{'path': '/var/cache/dnf/*/*/', 'type': 'r!', 'mode': None, 'age': None, 'gid': None, 'uid': None, 'argument': None}] """
[docs] def parse_content(self, content): self.files = [] self.rules = [] for line in get_active_lines(content): linelist = line.split() keys = ['type', 'path', 'mode', 'uid', 'gid', 'age', 'argument'] d = dict(zip(keys, linelist)) # each key should be available even if the tmpfile does not contain # a value for that key [d.update({key: d.get(key)}) for key in keys] self.rules.append(d) for i in self.rules: self.files.append(i['path'])
[docs] def find_file(self, filename): """ Find any rules containing the file being searched. This method returns a list of dictionaries where the the managed file is found. """ matched = [] for rule in self.rules: if filename.split('/')[-1] in rule['path'].split('/'): matched.append(rule) return matched