config - configuration file for insights-core tools




The insights-core tools allow a configuration options file to be specified that provides more detailed control over the execution of insights-core by each tool. Any filename may be used, but the format of the file must be YAML.


A complete example of a configuration file in YAML format:

# disable everything by default
# defaults to false if not specified.
default_component_enabled: false

# packages and modules to load
    - insights.specs.default
    - another.plugins.module

# configuration of loaded components. names are prefixes, so any component with
# a fully qualified name that starts with a key will get the associated
# configuration applied. Can specify timeout, which will apply to command
# datasources. Can specify metadata, which must be a dictionary and will be
# merged with the components' default metadata.
    - name: another.plugins.module
      enabled: true

    - name: insights.specs.Specs
      enabled: true

    - name: insights.specs.default.DefaultSpecs
      enabled: false

    - name: insights.parsers.hostname
      enabled: true

    - name: insights.parsers.facter
      enabled: true

    - name: insights.parsers.systemid
      enabled: true

    - name: insights.combiners.hostname
      enabled: true

# needed because some specs aren't given names before they're used in DefaultSpecs
    - name: insights.core.spec_factory
      enabled: true