Openshift 4 Analysis

OpenShift 4 can generate diagnostic archives with a component called the insights-operator. They are automatically uploaded to Red Hat for analysis.

The openshift-must-gather CLI tool produces more comprehensive archives than the operator. insights-core recognizes them as well.

If you have an insights-operator or must-gather archive, you can write rules for it by using the insights.ocp.ocp() component, which gives you a top level view of all of the collected cluster configuration in a form that’s easy to navigate and query.

You can access the entire configuration iteractively with insights inspect insights.ocp.ocp <archive> or insights ocpshell <archive>.

Top level OpenShift 4 component

The conf() component recognizes insights-operator and must-gather archives.


The conf component parses all configuration in an insights-operator or must-gather archive and returns an object that is part of the parsr common data model. It can be navigated and queried in a standard way. See the tutorial for details.