Disk Usage

Combiners for gathering information from du parsers.

class insights.combiners.du.DiskUsageDirs(du_dirs)[source]

Bases: dict

Combiner for the insights.parsers.du.DiskUsageDir parser.

The parser is multioutput, one parser instance for each directory disk usage. This combiner puts all of them back together and presents them as a dict where the keys are the directory names and the space usage are the values.

Sample input data for du commands as parsed by the parsers:

# Output of the command:
# /bin/du -s -k /var/log
553500  /var/log

# Output of the command:
# /bin/du -s -k /var/lib/pgsql
519228  /var/lib/pgsql


>>> type(disk_usage_dirs)
<class 'insights.combiners.du.DiskUsageDirs'>
>>> sorted(disk_usage_dirs.keys())
['/var/lib/pgsql', '/var/log']
>>> disk_usage_dirs['/var/lib/pgsql']