NscdConf - file /etc/nscd.conf

This module parses the contents of the file /etc/nscd.conf.

Each line of the nscd.conf file specifies either an attribute and a value, or an attribute, service, and a value. Fields are separated either by SPACE or TAB characters. A ‘#’ (number sign) indicates the beginning of a comment; following characters, up to the end of the line, are not interpreted by nscd.

The function service_attributes provides information on the lines that contain a service column such as passwd and group in the examples below. The function attribute can be used to obtain values for attributes not associated with a service such as server-user and debug-level in the examples.

Sample content of the nscd.conf file looks like:

#       logfile                 /var/log/nscd.log
#       threads                 4
#       max-threads             32
        server-user             nscd
#       stat-user               somebody
        debug-level             0
#       reload-count            5
        paranoia                no
#       restart-interval        3600

        enable-cache            passwd          no
        positive-time-to-live   passwd          600
        negative-time-to-live   passwd          20
        suggested-size          passwd          211
        check-files             passwd          yes
        persistent              passwd          yes
        shared                  passwd          yes
        max-db-size             passwd          33554432
        auto-propagate          passwd          yes

        enable-cache            group           no
        positive-time-to-live   group           3600
        negative-time-to-live   group           60
        suggested-size          group           211
        check-files             group           yes
        persistent              group           yes
        shared                  group           yes
        max-db-size             group           33554432
        auto-propagate          group           yes


>>> conf = shared[NscdConf]
>>> len([line for line in conf])
>>> [line for line in conf][0]
NscdConfLine(attribute='server-user', service=None, value='nscd')
>>> conf.attribute("server-user")
>>> conf.filter("server-user")
[NscdConfLine(attribute='server-user', service=None, value='nscd')]
>>> conf.filter("server-user")[0].attribute
>>> conf.filter("server-user")[0].value
>>> conf.service_attributes("passwd")
[NscdConfLine(attribute='enable-cache', service='passwd', value='no'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='positive-time-to-live', service='passwd', value='600'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='negative-time-to-live', service='passwd', value='20'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='suggested-size', service='passwd', value='211'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='check-files', service='passwd', value='yes'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='persistent', service='passwd', value='yes'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='shared', service='passwd', value='yes'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='max-db-size', service='passwd', value='33554432'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='auto-propagate', service='passwd', value='yes')]
>>> conf.filter("enable-cache")
[NscdConfLine(attribute='enable-cache', service='passwd', value='no'),
 NscdConfLine(attribute='enable-cache', service='group', value='no')]
>>> conf.filter("enable-cache", service="passwd")
[NscdConfLine(attribute='enable-cache', service='passwd', value='no')]
>>> conf.filter("enable-cache", service="passwd")[0].attribute
>>> conf.filter("enable-cache", service="passwd")[0].service
>>> conf.filter("enable-cache", service="passwd")[0].value
class insights.parsers.nscd_conf.NscdConf(context)[source]

Bases: Parser

Class for parsing contents of the /etc/nscd.conf file.


str: Returns the value of attribute with name attribute. Lines that include a service are not returned by this function.

filter(attribute, service=None)[source]

list: Returns list of conf lines containing attribute and optional service if present.


This method must be implemented by classes based on this class.


list: Returns a list of conf lines matching service_name.

class insights.parsers.nscd_conf.NscdConfLine(attribute, service, value)

Bases: tuple

namedtuple: Represents one line of information from the conf file.