RpmPkgs - datasource rpm_pkgs

Parsers for CVE-2021-35937, CVE-2021-35938, and CVE-2021-35939. For more information, see the rpm_pkgs datasource.

class insights.parsers.rpm_pkgs.RpmPkgsWritable(context)[source]

Bases: Parser

Class for enabling the data from the rpm_pkgs datasource. It replaces the original RpmPkgs parser.

Sample input of this parser is:

["httpd-core|httpd-core-2.4.53-7.el9.x86_64|Red Hat, Inc."]

Sample output of this parser is:

[("httpd-core", "httpd-core-2.4.53-7.el9.x86_64", "Red Hat, Inc.")]


>>> type(rpm_pkgs_writable)
<class 'insights.parsers.rpm_pkgs.RpmPkgsWritable'>
>>> rpm_pkgs_writable.packages
[('httpd-core', 'httpd-core-2.4.53-7.el9.x86_64', 'Red Hat, Inc.')]

This method must be implemented by classes based on this class.