Source code for insights.combiners.cpu_vulns_all

CpuVulnsAll - combiner for CPU vulnerabilities

This combiner provides an interface to CPU vulnerabilities parsers for cpu vulnerabilities

from insights.core.plugins import combiner
from insights.parsers.cpu_vulns import CpuVulns
from insights.parsers import SkipComponent

[docs]@combiner(CpuVulns) class CpuVulnsAll(dict): """ Class to capsulate the parsers of cpu_vulns, files information will be stored in a list of dictionaries, each dictionary is for one file, the dictionary key is the file name, dictionary value is the file content. Sample output for files: ``/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spectre_v1``: Mitigation: Load fences ``/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/meltdown``: Mitigation: PTI Examples: >>> type(cvb) <class 'insights.combiners.cpu_vulns_all.CpuVulnsAll'> >>> list(cvb.keys()) ['meltdown', 'spectre_v1'] >>> cvb['meltdown'] 'Mitigation: PTI' Raises: SkipComponent: Not available data """ def __init__(self, cpu_vulns): for cv in cpu_vulns: self.update({cv.file_name: cv.value}) if cv.file_name else None if len(self) == 0: raise SkipComponent('Not available data')