CpuVulnsAll - combiner for CPU vulnerabilities

This combiner provides an interface to CPU vulnerabilities parsers for cpu vulnerabilities

class insights.combiners.cpu_vulns_all.CpuVulnsAll(cpu_vulns)[source]

Bases: dict

Class to capsulate the parsers of cpu_vulns, files information will be stored in a list of dictionaries, each dictionary is for one file, the dictionary key is the file name, dictionary value is the file content.

Sample output for files:

Mitigation: Load fences


Mitigation: PTI


>>> type(cvb)
<class 'insights.combiners.cpu_vulns_all.CpuVulnsAll'>
>>> list(cvb.keys())
['meltdown', 'spectre_v1']
>>> cvb['meltdown']
'Mitigation: PTI'

SkipComponent -- Not available data