Source code for insights.specs.datasources.container.containers_inspect

Custom datasources for containers inspect information
import json
import os

from insights.core.context import HostContext
from insights.core.exceptions import ContentException, SkipComponent
from insights.core.filters import get_filters
from insights.core.plugins import datasource
from insights.core.spec_factory import DatasourceProvider, foreach_execute
from insights.specs import Specs
from insights.specs.datasources.container import running_rhel_containers

[docs]@datasource(running_rhel_containers, HostContext) def running_rhel_containers_id(broker): """ Returns a list of container_id of the running containers. """ containers_info = [] for container in broker[running_rhel_containers]: containers_info.append((container[1], container[2])) return containers_info
class LocalSpecs(Specs): """ Local specs used only by docker|podman_inspect datasources """ containers_inspect_data_raw = foreach_execute(running_rhel_containers_id, "/usr/bin/%s inspect %s") """ Returns the output of command ``/usr/bin/docker|podman inspect <container ID>`` """ @datasource(LocalSpecs.containers_inspect_data_raw, HostContext) def containers_inspect_data_datasource(broker): """ This datasource provides the filtered information collected from ``/usr/bin/docker|podman inspect <container ID>``. .. note:: The path of the target key is like raw_data[key1][key2][target_key], then the filter pattern is like "key1|key2|target_key". If the value type of raw_data[key1][key2] is list, although the target_key is in the list, the filter pattern must be "key1|key2", this datasource returns the whole value of the list. The value of "Id" and "Image" are checked from raw data directly, no need filter these items. Typical content of ``/usr/bin/docker|podman inspect <container ID>`` file is:: [ { "Id": "aeaea3ead52724bb525bb2b5c619d67836250756920f0cb9884431ba53b476d8", "Created": "2022-10-21T23:47:24.506159696-04:00", "Path": "sleep" ... } ... ] Returns: list: item is JSON string containing filtered information. Raises: SkipComponent: When the filter/path does not exist or any exception occurs. """ try: no_filters = ['Id', 'Image'] filters = sorted(set(get_filters(Specs.container_inspect_keys)) - set(no_filters)) if filters: total_results = [] for item in broker[LocalSpecs.containers_inspect_data_raw]: raw_data = json.loads(''.join(item.content))[0] engine, _, container_id = item.cmd.split(None) filter_result = dict(Id=container_id, engine=os.path.basename(engine)) if 'Image' in raw_data: filter_result['Image'] = raw_data['Image'].split("sha256:")[-1] for item in filters: val = raw_data for key in item.split("|"): if key in val: val = val[key] else: break # If the filtered key does not exist, skip it if val == raw_data: continue filter_result[item] = val total_results.append(filter_result) # Generally the False branch of this condition will never reach, since the required component # LocalSpecs.containers_inspect_data_raw can guarantee total_results is not null. However, it's worth # leaving this condition as an explicit assertion to avoid unexpected situation. if total_results: return DatasourceProvider(content=json.dumps(total_results), relative_path='insights_containers/containers_inspect') except Exception as e: raise ContentException("Unexpected content exception:{e}".format(e=str(e))) raise SkipComponent