Source code for insights.components.virtualization

Components identify system type with regard to virtualization

The ``IsBareMetal`` component in this module is valid if the
:py:class:`insights.combiners.virt_what.VirtWhat` combiner indicates
the host is bare metal.
from insights.combiners.virt_what import VirtWhat
from insights.core.dr import SkipComponent
from insights.core.plugins import component

[docs]@component(VirtWhat) class IsBareMetal(object): """ This component uses ``VirtWhat`` combiner to determine the virtualization type. It checks if the system is bare metal, otherwise it raises ``SkipComponent``. Raises: SkipComponent: When system is a virtual machine. """ def __init__(self, virt): if virt.is_virtual: raise SkipComponent("Not a bare metal system.")