Source code for insights.core.exceptions

from insights.util import deprecated

[docs]class BlacklistedSpec(Exception): """ Exception to be thrown when a blacklisted spec is found. """ pass
[docs]class CalledProcessError(Exception): """ Raised if call fails. Parameters: returncode (int): The return code of the process executing the command. cmd (str): The command that was executed. output (str): Any output the command produced. """ def __init__(self, returncode, cmd, output=None): self.returncode = returncode self.cmd = cmd self.output = output super(CalledProcessError, self).__init__(returncode, cmd, output) def __unicode__(self): name = self.__class__.__name__ rc = self.returncode cmd = self.cmd output = self.output return '<{}({}, {!r}, {!r})>'.format(name, rc, cmd, output)
[docs]class InvalidArchive(Exception): def __init__(self, msg): super(InvalidArchive, self).__init__(msg) self.msg = msg
[docs]class MissingRequirements(Exception): """ Raised during evaluation if a component's dependencies aren't met. """ def __init__(self, requirements): self.requirements = requirements super(MissingRequirements, self).__init__(requirements)
[docs]class ParseException(Exception): """ Exception that should be thrown from parsers that encounter exceptions they recognize while parsing. When this exception is thrown, the exception message and data are logged and no parser output data is saved. """ pass
[docs]class SkipComponent(Exception): """ This class should be raised by components that want to be taken out of dependency resolution. """ pass
[docs]class TimeoutException(Exception): """ Raised whenever a :class:`datasource` hits the set timeout value. """ pass
[docs]class ValidationException(Exception): def __init__(self, msg, r=None): if r: msg = "%s: %s" % (msg, r) super(ValidationException, self).__init__(msg)
[docs]class ContentException(SkipComponent): """ Raised whenever a :class:`datasource` fails to get data. """ pass
[docs]class InvalidContentType(InvalidArchive): def __init__(self, content_type): self.msg = 'Invalid content type: "%s"' % content_type super(InvalidContentType, self).__init__(self.msg) self.content_type = content_type
[docs]class SkipException(SkipComponent): """ .. warning:: This class is deprecated, please use :py:class:`insights.core.exceptions.SkipComponent` instead. Exception that should be thrown from parsers that are explicitly written to look for errors in input data. If the expected error is not found then the parser should throw this exception to signal to the infrastructure that the parser's output should not be retained. """ def __init__(self, msg): deprecated( SkipException, "Please use the :class:`insights.core.exceptions.SkipComponent` instead.", "3.3.0" ) super(SkipException, self).__init__(msg)