NormalMD5 Combiner for the NormalMD5 Parser

Combiner for the insights.parsers.md5check.NormalMD5 parser.

This parser is multioutput, one parser instance for each file md5sum. Ths combiner puts all of them back together and presents them as a dict where the keys are the filenames and the md5sums are the values.

This class inherits all methods and attributes from the dict object.


>>> type(md5sums)
<class 'insights.combiners.md5check.NormalMD5'>
>>> sorted(md5sums.keys())
['/etc/localtime1', '/etc/localtime2']
>>> md5sums['/etc/localtime2']
class insights.combiners.md5check.NormalMD5(md5_checksums)[source]

Bases: dict

Combiner for the NormalMD5 parser.