AbrtCCppConf - file “/etc/abrt/plugins/CCpp.conf”

The AbrtCCppConf class parses the file /etc/abrt/plugins/CCpp.conf. On success it returns dict containing abrtcpp setting else it returns None.

Sample Data:

# Configuration file for CCpp hook

# CCpp hook writes its template to the "/proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern" file
# and stores the original template in the "/var/run/abrt/saved_core_pattern"
# file. If you want CCpp hook to create a core dump file named according to
# the original template as well, set 'MakeCompatCore' to 'yes'.
# If the original template string starts with "|", the string "core" is used
# instead of the template.
# For more information about naming core dump files see 'man 5 core'.
MakeCompatCore = yes

# The option allows you to set limit for the core file size in MiB.
# This value is compared to value of the MaxCrashReportSize configuration
# option from (/etc/abrt.conf) and the lower value is used as the limit.
# If MaxCoreFileSize is 0 then the value of MaxCrashReportSize is the limit.
# If MaxCrashReportSize is 0 then the value of MaxCoreFileSize is the limit.
# If both values are 0 then the core file size is unlimited.
MaxCoreFileSize = 0

# Do you want a copy of crashed binary be saved?
# (useful, for example, when _deleted binary_ segfaults)
SaveBinaryImage = no

# When this option is set to 'yes', core backtrace is generated
# from the memory image of the crashing process. Only the crash
# thread is present in the backtrace.
CreateCoreBacktrace = yes

# Save full coredump? If set to 'no', coredump won't be saved
# and you won't be able to report the crash to Bugzilla. Only
# useful with CreateCoreBacktrace set to 'yes'. Please
# note that if this option is set to 'no' and MakeCompatCore
# is set to 'yes', the core is still written to the current
# directory.
SaveFullCore = yes

# Used for debugging the hook
#VerboseLog = 2

# Specify where you want to store debuginfos (default: /var/cache/abrt-di)
DebuginfoLocation = /var/cache/abrt-di

# ABRT will ignore crashes in executables whose absolute path matches one of
# specified patterns.
#IgnoredPaths =

# ABRT will process only crashes of either allowed users or users who are
# members of allowed group. If no allowed users nor allowed group are specified
# ABRT will process crashes of all users.
#AllowedUsers =
#AllowedGroups =


>>> type(abrt_conf)
<class 'insights.parsers.abrt_ccpp.AbrtCCppConf'>
>>> abrt_conf.get('CreateCoreBacktrace')
class insights.parsers.abrt_ccpp.AbrtCCppConf(context)[source]

Bases: Parser, dict

Class for parsing /etc/abrt/plugins/CCpp.conf.


This method must be implemented by classes based on this class.