LsDVarOptMSSql - command ls -ld /var/opt/mssql

class insights.parsers.ls_var_opt_mssql.LsDVarOptMSSql(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: CommandParser, FileListing


This class is deprecated and will be removed from 3.5.0. Please use the instead (NOT LSld).

Parses output of ls -ld /var/opt/mssql command.

The ls -ld /var/opt/mssql command provides information for the listing of the /var/opt/mssql directory. See FileListing class for addtional information.

Sample ls -ld /var/opt/mssql output:

drwxrwx---. 5 root root 58 Apr 16 07:20 /var/opt/mssql


>>> content.listing_of('/var/opt/mssql').get('/var/opt/mssql').get('owner')
>>> content.listing_of('/var/opt/mssql').get('/var/opt/mssql').get('group')