Tuned - command /usr/sbin/tuned-adm list

This parser reads the output of the /usr/sbin/tuned-adm list command and reads it into a simple dictionary in the data property with two of three keys:

  • available - the list of available profiles

  • active - the active profile name

  • preset - the profile name that’s preset to be used when tuned is active

The active key is available when tuned is running, because the active profile is only listed when the daemon is active. If tuned is not running, the tuned-adm command will list the profile that will be used when the daemon is running, and this is given in the preset key.

Sample data:

Available profiles:
- balanced
- desktop
- latency-performance
- network-latency
- network-throughput
- powersave
- throughput-performance
- virtual-guest
- virtual-host
Current active profile: virtual-guest


>>> type(tuned)
<class 'insights.parsers.tuned.Tuned'>
>>> 'active' in tuned
>>> tuned['active']
>>> len(tuned['available'])
>>> 'balanced' in tuned['available']
class insights.parsers.tuned.Tuned(context, extra_bad_lines=None)[source]

Bases: CommandParser, dict

Parse output from the /usr/sbin/tuned-adm list command.


SkipComponent -- When noting needs to parse

property data

For backward compatibility.


This method must be implemented by classes based on this class.